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All served with rice, roast potatoes, and Greek salad, pita & tzatziki

Legend:  vegetarian vegetarian  

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Roast Lamb

Leg of lamb seasoned with herbs and gently roasted. Served with rice,...
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A classic Greek entrée and a house favorite of Vlassis guests since 1976. ...
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Paidakia Skaras

Charbroiled lamb chops seasoned with traditional greek spices. Served...
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Ribs with Pasta

Served with rice, roast potatoes, and Greek salad, pita & tzatziki.
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Spinach, feta, and onions wrapped in filo pastry and baked. Served with...
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Seasoned with fine herbs & spices, then charbroiled. Served with rice,...
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Pan fried meatballs seasoned with Greek spices. Served with rice, roast...
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Vegetarian Moussaka Vegetarian

Layered with potato, eggplant, zucchini, feta cheese and tomato topped...
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Rolled vine leaves stuffed with rice and seasoned ground beef, and topped...
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Chicken & Spinach Pie

A traditional spanakopita with the addition of finely ground chicken. Served...